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Tarot reading is a method of divination in which a reader uses a deck of cards with esoteric symbolism to help nudge repressed or subconscious awareness into conscious focus. The tarot reader focuses upon a question and draws a card to fill each position of the layout best suited to answer that question. As a reader discovers more about themselves, new levels of awareness can make it seem like the whole world around them has changed. Well practiced readers are sometimes thought to deliver psychic readings, but the magic lies in knowing the esoteric language of the cards. Typical tarot decks consist of 78 cards with 5 suits which constitute the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, the greater and lesser secrets.

Get free card readings featuring the works of today’s tarot artists along with the best vintage decks. Learn more about reading the cards on this site by studying their secret symbolism. When you are ready to do a reading, select your cards and use one of our spreads to focus upon any kind of question at all.

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Do free psychic readings with the Crowley-Thoth, Rider-Waite, Surrealist, Diary of a Broken Soul, Langustl, and bifrost decks. Full deck galleries and card symbolism explanations are available in the links.

Also you can get readings with only Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. We have found this often helps focus one’s attention in learning the cards. Learn to enhance your psychic abilities using

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How to Interpret Your Cards in Readings:

As a picture book of the macrocosm, having a deck of tarot cards is like holding the key to the world in the palm of your hands. When doing readings, the symbolic imagery of the cards can be analyzed in the same way that dreams are interpreted. Like a prophetic dream, what you focus upon in your cards during readings can set captives of the subconscious mind free, as in times when intuition needs to inform your conscious awareness to focus upon something meaningful. Learning tarot is a great way to help transform your psychic potential into psychic skills. You develop your intuition more and more as you go.

Tarot card readings can be used to help uncover and overcome subconscious distortion patterns that interfere with a person’s focus in life. At the core, human beings are creatures of emotion. Emotions could be interpreted as a type of thought. If conscious thoughts are those of the logical, rational mind, then the unconscious thoughts, meaning the ones we seem to react to instinctively would represent a person’s emotions, their intuition. Your interpretation of a reading can tell you more about subconscious patterns that may be hindering your progress in life, like following breadcrumbs that lead back to the source of a problem. How can one break free from a barrier that has not been identified?

The card reading methods on this site allow you to focus upon questions and concerns of every variety. A spread acts as the framework or template for a tarot reading. Depending on which position a card appears in the layout, the aspects of that card adapt according to this perspective. While certain rules governing the interpretation of esoteric imagery should be observed, as with dream interpretation these rules are pretty flexible as they more or less depend upon one’s intuition.

When one initiates a free reading, a good method is to focus your mind upon the question or concern that you wish to address. Hold this thought in your mind and perhaps close your eyes as you keep this in your focus for a moment. Because you do not want to corrupt your readings by directing them with conscious thought, it is important to flush your mind before you draw your cards. You want to “blank out” for just a moment, perhaps envisioning only the color black or the color white as you suddenly forget about your question. As you initiate your reading in this unbiased, “clear” frame of mind, you are now safe to look at your cards and consider how they apply to your question. This method can help someone who may be struggling to understand their readings by stopping them from simply telling themselves what they want to hear. Divination is all about locating hidden stumbling blocks, allowing you to gain more control over your life.

Not every deck creator on this site has written lengthy comprehensive text card descriptions for readings because as esoteric artists, we believe the messages should mostly be derived from symbolic imagery within the art. Too many words can sometimes corrupt a message like a story lost in translation. The most important thing about interpreting your readings is: “What does this card mean to you; what kind of vibes do you get from its image?” As we practice learning to trust our intuition, we come to understand the cards in ways that words cannot describe.

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