Astrological Natal Chart by Allen Edwall
Astrological Natal Chart

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Birth date: , 
(only valid from years 1900 through 2099)

Birth time: :

(please give time of birth in 24 hour format. If your birth time is unknown, please enter 12:00)
(if you were born exactly at 12:PM, please enter 11:59 or 12:01 – 12:00 is reserved for unknown birth times only)

Important: West longitudes are MINUS time zones.  East longitudes are PLUS time zones.

Time zone:

(example: Chicago is "GMT -06:00 hrs" (standard time), Paris is "GMT +01:00 hrs" (standard time).
Add 1 hour if Daylight Savings Time (DST) was in effect when you were born (select the next time zone down on the list).

(example: Chicago is 87 W 39, Sydney is 151 E 13)

(example: Chicago is 41 N 51, Sydney is 33 S 52)


Please remember to adjust your time zone to take DST into account.



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