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Alternate Names:  Enguz, Ing, Ingvarr
Ancient Meaning:  The Earth God
Keywords:  Energy, gestation, integration, male fertility, protection
This is the rune of male health, fertility, creativity, gestation, and personal growth.  Common sense, simple virtue, family, home.  The spark of a new idea could start a fire.  Often relates to a pivotal point, perhaps a rest stage, a time of relief, of healing and regeneration.  A time when loose ends can be tied, freeing one to possibly move in a new direction.  You must listen to yourself.

Ill-dignification can suggest impotence and circular movement.  Production, labor, work.


Astrological Correspondence:  Moon
Tarot Correspondence:  Judgement
Gods/Goddesses:  Ing, Nerthus
Color:  Yellow
Tree:  Apple
Herb:  Self-heal
Stones:  Malachite, Rose, Quartz, Citrine, Golden Topaz, Aventurine, Amber
Animals:  Cow, goat, horse, ox, dove, bee
Element:  Earth
Channels energy
Completes or redirects patterns
Symbol of rebirth and awareness
Focuses energies
Love and sex magic





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