Wood Polished Wood Opal
Banded Opal Pink Opal Malachite
Red Jasper Tiger Eye Ice
Alternate Names: Kusma, Cen, Kaun, Kaunaz
Ancient Meaning: Controlled fire, Internal fire
Keywords: Knowledge, fire, guiding light
This is the primary female rune, representing things such as motherly instincts, guidance, support, intuition, and love. Spiritual visions, revelation, esoteric knowledge, inspiration, creativity, technical ability.

A sign of success, particularly in artistic endeavours. Vitality, harnessed ability, transformation, and reinvention. A pioneer spirit, power to create one’s own reality. The power of light, to uncover and inspire.

Female passion and sexual desire. Being exposed; loss of illusion and false hope. It could serve as a reminder that a loss may seem unpleasant, but it can be a blessing in disguise.

Astrological Correspondence: Scorpio
Tarot Correspondence: Chariot
Gods/Goddesses: Freyja
Colour: Light red
Tree: Pine
Herb: Cowslip
Stones: Citrin, fire opal, golden topaz
Animals: Cat, salamander, lion, falcon, hawk, eagle, owl, tiger, chimpanzee, bobcat, cuckoo, peacock
Element: Fire

  • Artistic inspiration
  • Increased strength in all aspects
  • Healing and regeneration
  • Heightens personal transformation
  • Heightens romantic relationships
  • Increased fertility





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