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Alternate Names:  Pertra, Peordh
Ancient Meaning:  Divination, Primal law
Keywords:  Birth, wisdom, kinship, manifestation, chance, luck
As the rune of fate and gaming, Perthro suggests that people are remembered for the games they play.  Uncertainty, a mystery, secrets, hidden things, the unknown, gambling.  Initiation, knowing one’s purpose, knowledge of one’s self.  Evolutionary adaptation.

Pertaining to feminine things such as the mystery of fertility.  Good times and companionship, fun and friends, a time of joy.  Connected to prophetic dreams, old memories may be stirred resulting in personal revelations and clarity of thought.

Ill-dignification can mean: addiction, stagnation, loneliness, malaise, disappointment, disloyalty.


Astrological Correspondence:  Saturn
Tarot Correspondence:  The Wheel of Fortune
Gods/Goddesses:  Nornir, Frigga, Mimir
Color:  Black, Silver
Tree:  Beech
Herb:  Aconite
Stones:  Moonstone, Obsidian, Clear Quartz
Animals:  Falcon, hawk, wolf, hound, water snake like the anaconda, spider, chameleon, clam, oyster, cricket, dinosaur, frog, tortoise, kangaroo
Element:  Water
Timeless clarity, perception of fate

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