The Moon

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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot



The Moon is a card that we can recognize easily in each deck on the site. Both Thoth and Rider versions follow closely with the old Golden Dawn deck. The most similar version to the RWS standard is obviously Langustl, in this case more so than ever. The Moon in this deck beams energy in vibrant colors.



Almost exactly the same, we come to bifrost. The main difference with bifrost’s version is that it follows the Thoth symbolism more than the RWS. In bifrost the theme of evolution that began with the previous Star card continues with the mutant dog men that have joined the dog and jackal. The question is — do dogs evolve into men, or do men evolve into dogs?


Diary stays true to fashion by putting a dream-like twist on the Moon card. The watchtowers have been transformed into a pair of serpents. The scorpion emerging from the abyss can be recognized as the Priestess. Surrealist’s Moon card is the epitome of surrealism. The alien landscape and plaid Moon lighting up a pitch black night sky puts us on another planet. No matter which version we look at, this card always gives us a long path to follow, but not much information beyond that.





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