Playing with the cards you are dealt is the game of life. Would life be a little easier if you had a clearer idea of where you came from and what path you are on? Ever since the beginning of the internet, Tarot cards have been more relied upon than ever in their 500 year history. People are more curious than ever to see what these mystical cards are all about.

We offer readings using the Rider-Waite and Crowley-Thoth along with decks by contemporary figurative artists: Surrealist Tarot by Ari Bach, Diary of a Broken Soul by Ash Abdullah, bifrost by Jeremy Lampkin, and the Langustl Tarot by Stephan Lange.


What is Tarot Reading?

Reading Tarot cards is one of the most widely used methods of divination today. “What is divination?” you may ask. Divination is the art of unifying one’s will with the will of the divine, especially when it comes to receiving insight to your life. In order to do divination, one essentially submits to the will of a higher power and opens oneself to receive communication from such.

Tarot readings are often done by drawing cards and laying them out in what is known as a spread. Each spread contains positions, each position regarding a different aspect of your concern. As the cards are read, a story unfolds. These stories are meant to make you take a close but objective look at your life and your issues. This can allow you to make changes, particularly if there are any potential problems indicated by the reading.

Readings should not be seen as positive or negative or as a confirmation of the future because once you receive a message, this new awareness creates a fork in the road, a choice that may have been overlooked had the reading not been done.

When you get a tarot reading on this site you act as your own reader, interpreting the cards for yourself. To do a reading, select the deck you wish to use and a spread which can answer your query. There are a number of decks and spreads to choose from. If you are not familiar with the spreads, read about how they work on the spreads page before you begin. Then once you have filled in the boxes for name and question you are ready to receive your reading. Click the button to get your reading, and you’re ready to go. You may refer to the spread explanation before reading your cards if necessary, otherwise scroll down and interpret your cards. It’s as simple as that.

Tarotsmith has much more to offer than tarot reading, providing a wide variety of other free online oracles such as: playing cards, Madam Lenormand, runes, Tibetan Mo dice and domino divination, I Ching, bibliomancy, natal birth charts, numerology reports, and biorhythms.

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